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Being born in a christian home is a priceless treasure. This does not mean I was born a christian, but it does mean I was taught the love of God and His saving grace. In Sept 1967, I gave my heart and life to the Lord and I have found Him to be a friend closer than a brother. 

My family has always been involved in gospel music. My grandfather Rev. J. W. Moore was not only a preacher, but also a music teacher. His love for music has been passed down thru the generations. I sang with my family until 1973, when my father took his first church as pastor. From that point, I have been blessed to travel this great country sharing the gospel in song with some of the finest christian people and singers, while witnessing God do great things. 

My wife, Katie and I have one daughter, Alisa, husband Alan, and two grandchildren, Abigayle and Mason. 

I believe music touches the heart of God and I'm sure it has a place in the ministry. I pray God will permit me to lift my voice in song until He takes me to my eternal home in heaven.


I was born into a loving family where the Bible was taught and we were expected to be in God's house everytime the doors were open.  I didn't really understand the impact that this would make in my like until I gave my heart and life to the Lord in 1982. 


I have been involved in gospel music since I was 17 years old.  I have traveled with groups and enjoyed telling the story through song.  I have enjoyed watching God do great things.  

My wife, Angela and I have three sons & daughters in law.  Michael & Dawn,  Brian & Beth,  and Kyle & Brendan, six grandchildren, Caitlin, Oak, Finn, Silas, Saige, and Ensley.


I believe gospel music is worship and that God inhabits the praises of His people.  I believe this is a calling that is placed on my life and I will continue to work until He calls me home.

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I grew up in an area many know as the Amish country in Lancaster County, PA. Our family went to Nottingham Missionary Baptist Church from the time I was 5 until I moved to North Carolina when I was 19. I have always been around southern gospel music as from the time I was 3, I often attended singings due the fact that my father and uncle where members of the Brothers In Christ Quartet. Later, at age 13 I joined my first group, not singing yet, but attempting to play the bass guitar. Within a year or so, I had the opportunity to begin singing with Gloryland Singers and sang with them until I moved to NC. Over the last 30 years I have continued to sing with various groups such as the Tarheel State Quartet, the Winebargers, the Voyagers, Adoration, and the Pine Ridge Boys.

I met these two gentlemen shortly after moving to NC in 1987, often riding the bus with their group, that was at that time, called the Anchormen Qt . In 1989, shortly after the groups name had changed to the Tarheel State Quartet, they asked me to join them, and we sang together for several years through the early '90's. It was during this time I met my wife Regina and we were married in 1991.

I briefly left the road a few years later, but singing always seems to call me back. I later sang with both, Ronald and Jerome, in the late '90's and mid 2000's.  Regina and I have two "kids," Tyler and Jackie who are both attending Western Carolina University at this time. 

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Born in Lenoir,N.C.Graduated from Kings Creek High School, Mitchell College & Appalachian State University. As an educator I spent 36 years as teacher, coach, and principal. Having grown up in church, I developed a great love for southern gospel music. This passion grew into a lifetime of ministry of traveling and singing the story of Jesus Christ and His Love.


My wife, Wanda and I have four children and nine grandchildren. Having an understanding and loving family are essential in any persons' life who is gone so much from home.


Meeting and making so many friends over the years of traveling have been a tremendous blessing to me.Seeing many who were lost coming to know the Lord personally has been the main driving purpose for continuing in this calling. Also, seeing others renew their relationship with the Lord is so rewarding.


I am now 78 years old and still love to sing and tell anyone about Jesus and His life changing gift through salvation.


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